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Bergamo Airport
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Bergamo Airport Italy
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The Milan Bergamo Airport is located 5km from the city of Bergamo in the municipal territory of Orio al Serio. Bergamo airport it is also known as the II Caravaggio International Airport named after the great painter Michelangelo Merisi, known as Caravaggio. It’s the third busiest airport in Italy with more than 13 million passengers a year and one of three servicing the cities of Bergamo about 2.3 miles away to the southeast and Milan 28 miles away to the northeast.
Milan Bergamo Airport
Milan Bergamo Airport
Milan Bergamo Airport
The airport is located in one of the busiest and biggest industrial zones in all of Italy which is Lombardy. Since the airport is constructed in this city the industries in this zone have moved up and have been responsible for the most of Italy’s income.

There are several transport modes in use to and from Bergamo Airport. There is a shuttle service, taxis, buses and car hire. The bus operates every 20 minutes starting from 05.18 in the morning to 23:55 at night. This takes you to the Bergamo city center. A single shuttle ticket costs EURO 2.30 and luggage charges apply. Taxis are available outside the arrivals hall. If you prefer renting a vehicle, there are several car hire

companies here including Avis, Autoeuropa, Europcar, and several others, all within the arrivals hall. The main bus companies ferrying people to Milan from this airport are Autostradale and Locatelli Air Pullman. Tickets for these buses are available from their windows.

Bergamo Il Caravaggio International Airport, it’s the third busiest airport in Italy with nearly 13 million passengers.

To get to Milan via taxi, from Bergamo Airport Orio al Serio it takes about 50 min without traffic and will cost about 120 euro.

The airport has been renovated throughout the years and has become the airport that it is now. It has moved up to be one of the best airports when going through the sort history. The facilities have been upgraded up to a top class standard and have been maintained in order for the satisfaction of it 13 million annual customer base. When talking about the facilities of the Bergamo Airport it has the latest and highest technology that is available in the world today. It has made these services perfected throughout the years that it has worked with the customers and us one of the top airports with the highest customer satisfaction.There are 2 runways in the airport which are 2.9 km and 778 m in length. The surface of these runways have been made by
Asphalt and and they are in 10/28 and 12/30 directions. The ground handling services are the most important part of an airport and the services of the Milan Bergamo Airport are handled by the Airport Global Service and SACBO. SACBO also provide the security for the airport which is the other most important aspect since many passengers use the Bergamo Airport Orio al Serio for transportation in day to day life. The Polizia di Frontiera which is the border police of Italy supervises the security provided by SACBO for the airport. Since 2005 it has been showing an increase in the number of passengers that are using the airport on a daily basis so the security and the services have been gradually increased in order to cater the needs of the passengers.
There are many airline and many destinations that a person can take from the Bergamo Airport. The most prestigious airlines in the world will offer their services through the Bergamo Airport. There are also many cargo planes that takeoff and land from the airport and will offer the vast services for the busiest industrial zone in Italy.

2018 has been the year that the Bergamo Airport has recorded the most number of passengers throughout the years that it has served. The busiest domestic routes the airport has taken are to Bari, Apulia; Cagliari, Sardinia and Lamezia Terme, Calabria. All these busiest trips have been from the same airline which is the Ryanair airline. The busiest international routes that has been taken from Bergamo airport are also from the Ryanair airline and they are to London, Belgium and Spain.

Airport Summary

IATA: Airport code: BGY
ICAO: Airport code: LIME
Operator: SACBO
Serves: Bergamo and Milan, Italy
Location: Orio al Serio, Bergamo
Hub for Ryanair
Focus city for DHL Aviation


Orio Al Serio international Airport has one terminal.

Banks & ATM 

In the airport you may find two banks located along the air terminal, with Bancomat service 7×24 hours, Milan Bergamo Airport has also several ATM’s.

– Banks:

Tel: +39 035 311348

Tel: +39 035 393111

Airport Statistics

Opening hours: 24 hours a day
Check-in desks: 35
Boarding gates: 26
Terminals: 1

Runways: 2, the main one is 2,874 by 24 meters, and the tourist runway is 778 by 18 meters

Runways capacity: 26 movements per hour, 16 landings per hour

Total size of airport grounds: 350 hectares total

Passenger capacity: More than 10 million per year (at least 13 million in 2018)

Food & Drink

Italian is renowned for the quality of its food and drink, in particular pasta and wines. Although airport food sometimes has a negative reputation, there are many great places to try at Milan Bergamo Airport, whether for a quick snack or for a lengthier sit-down meal.

 Disabled Facilities

Bergamo airport is very conscious about the disabled. There are ramps that allow for the easy movement of people on wheelchairs. Relief paths are available to aid the visually impaired to easily make it around the airport. There are also toilets and telephone facilities that are designed for the convenience of the disabled.

Touristic office

Bergamo orio Tourism is the agency for tourists coming to Bergamo and the surrounding area. The office in the airport is open 7 days a week from 8.00 to 21.00. It offers free tourist information and also distributes promotional material of Bergamo Province.

Tel: +39 035 320402

Exchange office


Service: buying and selling of foreign exchange, Buy-Back service, Traveller’s Cheques purchase, cashing of Euro Traveller’s Cheques, credit cards, sale of pre-paid phone cards and top-up cards.

Tel: +39 035 19902557

 Car Rentals

Several car rental companies operate out of Milan Bergamo Airport, with easy vehicle pickups at the terminals. Exact prices for renting from these companies will vary depending on what size and type of vehicle you require, as well as for how long you will be needing the vehicle.


ViaMilano is the official airport parking, and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can buy a parking pass online before traveling. Prices start from €4 per day, and there are more than 8,000 parking spots available. For more details contact the ticket office at 039 02 232323


Much like the cities of Bergamo and Milan, the airport has a number of wonderful shops selling a huge variety of items, so you can browse at your leisure while waiting for your flight.


Storage facilities are available for a fee within the airport and are located at the arrivals halls. For baggage not exceeding 25 kg, a storage fee of €3.00 per day is charged. For baggage in excess of 25 kg, the fee charged is €5.00 per day.

– Left luggage office

The service is managed by the company Autostradale and it is situated at the arrival area. Passengers will be asked to produce an identification document.

Public transportation

If you’re not renting a car, there are several affordable public transportation options for connections to Milan, Bergamo and elsewhere in Italy.

Trains: Limited service, but you can take the Trenitalia train to Bergamo train station and then take the 10-minute ATB bus service from the Bergamo train station to the airport Trenitalia.

Tel: +39 035 892021
Tel: +39 035 236026

Taxis: The journey to Bergamo should take about 15 minutes, while the taxi ride to Milan should take about an hour, but both can take more time if traffic is bad Location: Taxis can be picked up by the arrivals area in the terminal.. read more

Tel: +39 035 4519090

• Buses: Many bus operators service Milan Bergamo airport to destination in either city and beyond. read more

Lost Property

Tel: +39 035 326297

 Help Desk

In the event of any distress, there is a help desk within the arrivals to assist you.

 Discover Bergamo

Located in northern Italy, Bergamo is a large city of more than 120,000 residents that is also a draw for tens of thousands of tourists.. read more