Bergamo Airport to Milan

Connecting From Bergamo Airport To Milan

For many people visiting the Italian city of Milan for business or pleasure they will arrive at Orio al Serio International Airport, more commonly known as Bergamo airport. This busy airport provides connections around the world, making it an ideal choice for travelers, but note that it’s located a fair distance from the center of Milan so some advance planning is required.

The total length of the journey from Bergamo airport to Milan is about 45 kilometers (almost 28 miles) and therefore you’re going to need travel assistance to get between the two. Thankfully, because this is such a popular and well-traveled route you have several options available for getting to the city, varying in the amount of time taken and cost depending on what you choose.

Your options are bus, train, taxi, or private car. Each have their strengths and weaknesses, whether it’s a higher price or whether it’s a more time-consuming journey to Milan.

Check out the handy guide below for the top tips on the various ways to get from the airport to the city; there’s no good or bad option as your choice will depend on your individual needs. But with some simple planning ahead you can make sure that the start of your trip runs smoothly, getting you from your flight to Milan where you can enjoy your visit to the fashion capital.

By Bus

There are at least two bus options to get you from the airport to Milan, and they will work out much cheaper than some alternatives such as taxing a taxi or private car.

One thing to bear in mind when taking either bus option is that it will require you to carry and stow your own luggage, so this might not be the best option if you have a huge group with lots of luggage, or if you are traveling with people who need extra mobility assistance.

• Autostradale Terravision Bus

One of the choices for taking the bus from Bergamo airport to Milan is with the Autostradale Terravision Bus, commonly known just as the Terravision bus. This service will pick you and your fellow travelers up at the airport at a designated spot, making it a convenient choice because after you land you simply follow directions to the Terravision pickup location.

The buses operate starting at about 4am every day until 1am and you can expect them leave between every 20 and 30 minutes, so you’ll never be waiting too long for a pick up.

The Terravision will drop you off at the central railway station in Milan known as Piazza Luigi Savoia, a very convenient place for getting to most locations in and around the city.

Expect the journey to take about one hour depending on traffic, but note that this choice can be more time-consuming because you have to wait for all the other passengers to board and stow their luggage before the bus can leave. Once you get to Milan you’ll also have to wait for the passengers seated ahead of you to get off the bus before you can disembark.

But the beneficial trade-off for the extra time taken is the very low cost of the bus, which should only be €5 for a one-way ticket or €9 if you buy a return to take you back to the airport.

• Orio Shuttle

An alternative option for taking the bus from Bergamo airport through to the center of Milan is with the Orio Shuttle, which similarly operates from an easy to find spot at the airport.

Children under the age of 1 travel for free on the Orio Shuttle, whereas regular passengers can expect to pay prices starting as low as €4, with discounts available when booking in advance through the Orio Shuttle website.

The Orio Shuttle operates from 3am through to midnight every day with buses leaving roughly once every half hour, so this is also an option that won’t require much waiting time.

By Train

Taking the train from Bergamo airport to get to Milan is another relatively low-cost option, however this is perhaps the most time-consuming because of the several steps it involves.

Bergamo airport does not have a dedicated train station, so once your flight lands and you have your luggage you will have to proceed to the designated ATB bus stops. Here you’ll be able to buy a €2 ticket for a ride on ATB 1, the bus line that connects the airport to Bergamo’s train station. This roughly 15-minute journey cannot be walked and must be taken by bus, or taxi.

Once at the train station you can purchase a one-way ticket to Milan’s central railway station for €5.50, making the total cost including the bus a very cheap €7.50.

Trains also run frequently, starting at just before 7am and finishing just after 9.30pm each day and departing Bergamo train station every 30 minutes. This mean you won’t have any long periods of time where you’re sitting waiting for the next train to leave.

However, the train trip can take up to one hour, although it’s usually 50 minutes. This means that with the 15-minute bus ride to the Bergamo train station and a possible small wait for your train, plus the 50 minute travel time, this option takes more than one hour. If you’re not in a hurry but are on a budget, this might still work out as the best choice.

Plus you can usually find porters at the train station to help you with your luggage, and the seats on the train are relatively comfy and the carriages are kept tidy.

By Taxi

If you’d prefer to not take public transport and travel with strangers, then another option available for getting to Milan from Bergamo airport is with a taxi.

The biggest downside of taking a taxi is the cost, as you can expect to pay anywhere from €85 up for the trip. The precise price will vary and will be dependent on factors such as how many passengers are in the car and how long the exact journey is. For example, if you are venturing beyond Milan’s city center then you will be charged more for the distance.

But despite the high cost there are several perks of taking a taxi that are not available for those who choose instead to ride by bus or train. For example, once you’ve landed at the airport and have your bags and are ready to leave, if you’re taking a taxi you simply follow directions in the airport to the designated taxi stands. Once here you will likely have less than a five minute wait before you are assigned a taxi that can take you all the way to Milan.

The traveling time from Bergamo airport to Milan by taxi is about 50 minutes, although it can take more or less time depending on traffic levels. This is about the same amount of time as it takes a bus to get from the airport to the city, however once a taxi arrives you can immediately get out whereas on a bus you have to wait for the passengers ahead of you to disembark.

Other benefits of taking a taxi include that the driver will likely help you with loading your luggage into the trunk, and that you know your bags are secure in the vehicle. Sometimes when people travel by train or bus they get nervous when they cannot see their bags throughout the journey. Taking a bergamo airport taxi means you’re the only one in the car and don’t have to deal with that stress, and can instead sit back and relax for the entirety of the journey.

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Private Car

As an alternative to waiting for a taxi at the airport, travelers can also research online in advance for the possibility of hiring a private car to take them from Bergamo to Milan.

Private car hires have the benefit of added luxury, as you’ll usually be traveling in a very high quality vehicle with a driver who is very skilled. They’ll typically meet you at the baggage claim area once you’ve landed, walking you to the car and helping with your bags.

However, all of this added luxury comes at a cost and you can expect a private car hire to be the most expensive of all the various travel options from the airport to Milan. Depending on the kind of car that you hire you can expect to pay at least €150 if not more.

In contrast to a taxi, however, a private car will typically quote you a fixed rate from the airport to your final destination wherever it might be. So you’ll always know the exact price that you will be expected to pay taking this option, unlike a taxi that uses a meter and can result in fares higher than you were planning to pay. But if you are willing to spend the additional money required for a private car then cost is likely not your top consideration for your travel option.