Bergamo Airport to Milan

Bergamo Orio Al Serio Airport is known as Milan Bergamo BGY, though it is 30 miles (45 km) NE of Milan’s city center. It is also sometimes known as Caravaggio International Airport after the famous Italian painter Caravaggio. The airport serves one of the country’s most important industrial provinces and commercial centers, not only for food but also for fashion. Milan is a fashion and shopping mecca for international tourists, and the airport served over 13 million people last year. This made it the third busiest airport in Italy for 2018. It is also a hub for low-budget airlines such as Ryanair.

Services abound upon arrival, from currency exchange to ATMs, banks, pharmacies, a chapel, bars, restaurants and more. Those wishing to get to Milan have a multitude of options.

After you arrive at the main arrivals exit area, you will see multiple kiosks to book different kinds of transportation into the city.

By Bus:

Bergamo Bus:

The Bergamo bus is operated by ATB bus network which provides a regular service that links passengers arriving at the airport to the town of Bergamo itself. The bus, is bus number 1 and it runs from the airport to the Bergamo train station situated in Piazza Marconi. This is a very popular link to get to Milan by taking the bus to the train station and then the train to Milan. Make sure to get your ticket validated when you get on the bus. Tickets cost 2 Euro and must be validated on the machines inside the bus. The bus leaves the airport every 20 minutes and arrives at the train station in 15 minutes. Tickets can be bought at dealers, on board or on the mobile app.

Terravision Bus:

This is another option, for 5 Euro or 9 Euro roundtrip. The Terravision buses are the cheapest way to get directly from Bergamo Airport to Milan Central. These private company buses run every 30 minutes and take one hour to arrive at Milan Central Station. This removes the need to get off at Bergamo train station and get a train to Milan. The bus can be found in the arrivals area bus parking at Bus Stop number 4. You can book in advance on their website, which removes the worry of arrival transportation. The company also boasts city tours and other travel information. This is a good option for those who prefer to have arrangements made in advance.

The buses run from 4 am until 1 am and depart every 20 – 30 minutes. From Milan, the buses run from 2:15 am until 10:10 pm.


You can also take the Orio Shuttle from the airport to Milan Central Station. You can buy your ticket in the airport on at the bus stop.
Orio Shuttle connects Bergamo Airport with Milano Centrale. It runs every 30 minutes between 3 am and 12 am (midnight). The price of a single ticket is from 4 € upwards, depending on the day you get the ticket. We recommend booking a ticket in advance on their official webpage linked above. They are stricter with luggage allowances than Terravision.


Bergamo Airport doesn’t have a train station. However, visitors can take a bus to Bergamo train station and from there take a train to Milan as mentioned above. The bus station is directly across from the train station.

Although this is the most complicated way of getting to the city center, if you do it on the way back, you can stop and explore the town of Bergamo. As with all transportation while traveling, keep in mind luggage, your personal threshold for discomfort and waiting.

You will arrive at the train station via the ATB shuttle mentioned above. Consult the Trenitalia website for all train travel. This is a good option for those continuing their journeys onward to other cities in Italy or further afield in Europe. Popular destinations such as Lake Maggiore and Lake Como can be reached by train/shuttle.

Private Transfer service:

The most comfortable way of getting to Milan is to book a private transfer from Bergamo Airport to Milan city center. A chauffeur will be waiting for you at the terminal and will take you directly to your hotel. If you want to avoid scams amongst the exhaustion of landing after a long journey and have the funds, this is a delightful way to arrive in Milan. There are multiple companies providing not only airport transfers into the city, but city tours, private drivers and trips further afield. This is a luxurious, hassle-free way to arrive. Try Elite Royal Cars, Shuttle Direct or Blacklane chauffeur and limousine service. This also takes away the need to speak any Italian as your drivers will speak English.


A taxi from Bergamo Airport to Milan city center is over 100 euros. It will take you 50 minutes to get to Milan. For up to date information on local traffic, check here to approximate your travel time. With minimum fares this is not an inexpensive option. But it is fast and easy, does not require pre-booking and avoids the need for public transport. The taxi rank is right outside the arrivals area. You can call in advance if you wish to pre-book your taxi. Radiotaxi 035 4519090. Booking in advance means that there will be a driver waiting for you at the arrivals area with a sign. You can avoid other passengers and enjoy an air-conditioned ride into the city without any wait. Good for those who do not mind paying for convenience.

There is a maximum of four people allowed in a taxi. More people in your group will necessitate using another form of transportation. Try kiwitaxi for a smooth experience.

Car Rental:

Here are all of the car rental companies operating out of the airport. There are dozens of car rental companies operating out of the airport. Most of the desks are located outside the baggage area on your left in the arrivals hall. You can rent a car on the company websites before arrival, and this is preferable to trying to figure it out upon arrival. The latter option will cause a much longer wait and stress, especially during a busy time when they may be sold out or have limited supplies.

It is more cost-effective to book fuel full-to-full and fill up the tank yourself before returning the car. Also, rental rates are booked in 24 hour intervals, so plan your pickup and dropoff accordingly. Compare prices, rental and car model options here.

Car rental is a good option for independent travelers, those who speak Italian and are good with directions, those looking to travel further afield and those with a sense of adventure. You are completely free to go where and when you want, but have to navigate highways, street signs, local laws and parking.

The airport is located off the SS671 and links to the A4-Autostrada.

There are many ways to get to Milan. You will find one that fits your personality and mode of travel. Enjoy!