Bergamo Airport Taxi

Bergamo Airport Taxi
Bergamo Airport Taxi


Taxi services at Bergamo Airport are available outside the arrivals. A trip in a Bergamo airport taxi to the centre of Bergamo takes roughly 10-15 minutes. For a first timer, taxis are a very ideal means of transportation. The taxi drivers are very conversant with various locations and hotels within the town and will easily be able to get you there.

For a trip to Bergamo city center, the charges are approximately €15-€20. If you would like to take a Bergamo airport taxi all the way to Milan, this will cost you somewhere in the region of €60. Always make sure that you confirm the taxi charges before you board the taxi. Also inquire on any extra charges such as airport charges and who is to cater for them.

Peak hours can result in queues forming at the Bergamo airport taxi ranks. These vehicles are managed by airport security officials to ensure everyone gets served.

Travelling around Italy by taxi is easier than ever thanks to the sheer number of taxis out there and the different variety in size and shape of vehicles now being used.

Taxis services to and from Bergamo airport are no different and they generally offer a quick and easy option for passengers not wanting to wait around after their flight has landed. Many passengers these days choose the option of using a taxi for their onward transfer as it allows them to get to their final destination, whether that be a hotel or other place of interest, in relative comfort and without having to wait for other passengers to board or a coach to turn up.

The obvious main benefit of using a taxi to get to and from an airport, is that they offer a door to door service. This can be especially useful if you’re travelling for business needs and need to work whilst being transported or are trying to reach an address that would normally be hard to reach using public transport or a coach.

How do I get arrange for a taxi in Italy?

Like most places across the world, to stop a taxi in Italy you raise your hand and flag one down or you can head over to a taxi stand or use your phone to call for one if waving your arm around is not for you. Of course you can ask airport staff or your hotel receptionists to call a taxi firm for you and arrange for them to pick you up at a time and place of your choosing.

Is there anything you should be wary of when getting a taxi in Bergamo?

Many people feel a little apprehensive about using taxis in foreign countries. This fear stems less from issues over safety but more out of fear of being overcharged for the journey. This is understandable when you take into account the different currencies used at each destination, the language barrier, and the unfamiliar surroundings.

On top of this, horror stories of travellers being ripped off by local merchants are ten a penny, so it’s hardly surprising people feel a little cautious over using local taxis for their journeys.

Sadly, getting ripped off still happens but there are ways to protect yourself from this happening.

How to protect yourself from being ripped off by taxi drivers in Italy

As we said, getting ripped off by local merchants when travelling is something that everyone needs to be wary of. So, to help you keep your hard earned money in your pocket, here are a few tips you can use to protect yourself from being overcharged by your taxi driver:

Book your taxi in advance. This way you’ll have an idea of how much the fare will be and a pre-arranged time for pick up. If you can’t call ahead to a taxi firm, then speak to your travel agent who may be able to sort out booking one for you. Sometimes you can even head online and book a taxi via the company’s own website.

If you can’t book ahead then know exactly where you are going and give a clear indication of where this is to the driver. Don’t hesitant as this can be seen as being vulnerable. Make sure you work out a rough cost of the potential fare in advance from any information provided, including the taxi company’s website. If this cannot be found, then Google how much the fare should be and be pre-armed with this information.

Don’t pay in advance. Some taxi drivers will ask you for an upfront payment and insist this will be a cheaper option. It seldom is. Check that they have a meter and that it is running when the journey starts.

How much does a taxi from Bergamo Airport cost roughly?

A taxi from the airport to the centre of Bergamo costs about €18 to €20 before 9pm but can cost a bit more after this time up to around €30. A taxi to the centre of Milan will set you back about €90 pre 9pm but again will be a fair chunk more after that.

Where is the main taxi rank at Bergamo Airport?

The main taxi rank at Bergamo Airport is near the arrivals hall and you will always find a fleet of taxi’s ready to take you to wherever you need to go.

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