Bergamo Airport Terminal & Terminal Services

If you are traveling to Bergamo and using the very popular Bergamo airport, it would be a good idea to get an overview of what to expect from the terminal in the Bergamo airport and know what services are available. As a traveler, you can never be too prepared and knowing what is available in the Bergamo airport terminal will allow you to plan accordingly and bring what you will need and give you indication as to what you can wait to get until you are there. We are here to give you all the knowledge you need when it comes to the Bergamo airport and the terminal inside.


The first thing to know about the Bergamo airport terminal is that there are multiple levels. This is essential knowledge to have because it will allow you to more quickly and efficiently navigate the terminal and find what you need to find while also being aware of where you are and avoiding getting lost while trying to find family members or whoever is picking you up from the airport. So, before you arrive to the Bergamo airport or depart it, know that the main terminal of the airport has two levels.

Ground Level

The first level that you need to know about is the ground level of the terminal. The ground level has a lot of things that you need to know the location of, so being familiar with it is essential. The most notable services located in the ground level are the arrivals area and check-in area. Whether you are checking in or just getting to the airport from another destination, you will be interacting with the ground level of this terminal at some point in your journey. The check-in area of the terminal is found on the left side and the security checkpoint of the terminal is located on the right side.

Another thing that you can find in the ground level of the terminal is the baggage claim area. Once you get off your flight, you are going to need to know where this is so that you can get your luggage and leave the airport or get on the next plane as scheduled. The baggage claim area can be confusing and difficult to some, so be sure to consult one of the many staff members nearby if you are having issues. The baggage claim area of this terminal can be found not far from the check-in area, so if you are having trouble locating the baggage claim, be sure to check around the check-in area.

The arrivals area is probably the area that takes up the most space in the ground level of the terminal. It can be accessed by three separate points for maximum convenience and service capacity. The arrivals area is important to know about ahead of time if you are going to be flying into the Bergamo airport.

In addition to all of these flight-related services that are accessible in the lower level of the terminal, there are also several areas to eat such as restaurants and various concessions.

Top Level

The other level of terminal in Bergamo’s airport is smaller and has less to know about. Mainly the top level of the terminal is used for departures.There are 11 total boarding gates in the terminal that are used for the dozens of flights that go out every day from the Bergamo arport. Because of the small size of this level of the level, it shouldn’t be too hard to navigate around and be able to find your boarding gate.

In the top level, there are various places to eat, retail stores, and VIP lounges. There are far more dining options on the upper level of the terminal because people are often spending much more time here and waiting for flights. If you want something to eat while you are waiting, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a place to eat and get some good food because there are so many options for everyone’s personal taste.

Terminal Services

The Bergamo airport is very popular to travelers because while it is one of the smaller airports in Europe, it also has some of the best options for food, entertainment, and services out there. There is something at the airport to accommodate anything you might need while you are there including shops, stores, ATMs, currency exchange areas, free WiFi, luggage carts, lost & found, post office, chapel, parking, car rental, pharmacy, tourist information, and several places to eat. Regardless of what you need, there is a service to meet your requirements at the Bergamo airport main terminal.

Airport Lounges

One of the benefits to flying with VIP status with an airline is that you generally get access to their lounge, if they offer one. At the main terminal at Bergamo’s airport, there are two lounges that are offered for VIP members of the respective airline services. The first is the Gate VIP Lounge SAGBO. This lounge is open from 5 am to 10 pm and is a very comfortable area to relax in while you wait for your flight or are on a layover. It serves snacks, drinks, and has magainzes, newspapers, WiFi, and television.

Other Services

The Bergamo airport terminal has tons of services to offer, and here are some of the other services that they offer besides what you are most familiar with using at the airport. You might not always need these, but it’s important to know that they are there nonetheless.

First Aid

If you have an urgent health matter that needs attention, it’s important that you know where the First Aid services are. You can find first aid on the ground level of the airport terminal. They are also available by phone number, which is posted all around the airport for your convenience.

Lost and Found

If you happen to lose something within the airport itself, you can call the lost and found service or go to the desk that they have available. If you have lost something on a plane, you must contact the airline that you rode through in order to reclaim your belongings.