Bergamo Airport Transportation

Travelling to and from Bergamo Airport is relatively simple given the several modes at the disposal of the passengers. Several shuttle buses operate from the airport to Bergamo and Milan. Taxi services are also available for a more flexible means of transportation. One also has the opportunity to hire a vehicle right from the airport and use it to tour the town.


The airport does not have a train service operating from within it. As an alternative, there are shuttle buses operated by Autostradale that will have you at the train station in Bergamo within 15 minutes. The shuttles operate every 30 minutes.


The Airport Bus leaves Orio al Serio International Airport every 30 minutes for the city and the the bus ride takes around 15 minutes.


Taxis can easily be located outside the arrivals area of the airport. You can also have the hotel you have booked send you a taxi to pick you up from the airport. The charges for the hotel taxis are similar to the airport taxis. A taxi to Bergamo city should cost you about €15-€20 while a trip to Milan is in the region of €60.

Car Hire

For a truly rich experience of Bergamo and Milan, renting a vehicle would be a wise option. This allows you the luxury of easily moving around. With the rich history that comes with the two towns, there is so much to view and renting a vehicle will allow you to easily access any location you wish to go to. At the arrivals hall within the airport you will find several car hire companies where you can cheaply get a vehicle for hire.

Bergamo airport to Milan